OPEN 5am-11:00 pm 7 days a week even stat holidays


Neetu has 11 years of experience working with children, and children with special needs. She is certified in 1st aid, CPR, food safe, and whims. Neetu carries a bachelor's in dental science, is fluent in 3 languages, and is ECE certified. She is very easy to talk to and makes everyone feel at ease. Neetu's engaging positivity, inclusive and creative character captivates children.

ECE Team

ECE Teacher
 Miss Benita
Evening and weekends 

ECE Substitute
Miss Kiran

ECE Teacher 
Miss Narinder  

Benita is ECE certified. She draws on her past experience in customer service and banking background when working with children. Benita is enthusiastic and has good problem solving skills. She loves children and exploring their world with them. 
Kiran is ECE, food safe, and first aid, certified. She has a background in sales. Kiran has been working with children over the past few years and enjoys seeing children smile. Her strengths lay in inclusiveness, crativity, and learning. 
​Narinder is a Freash young ECE. Her specialty is enagind children. We are looking forward to finding out what amazing things she will do. 

ECEA Substitute
Miss Roop

ECEA Substitute
Miss Dorothy

Roop is ECEA certified. She energetic and fun to be around. Her caring personality and freshness make her stand out. Roop is currently continue her education to become ECE certified.
Dorothy is ECEA certified. She's very knowledgeable and caring. Her specialty lays in safety, reliability, and making children feel safe. Dorothy is very kind and hard-working. Dorothy has over 10 years  experience working with children. Dorothy is completing her ECE certificate.

Support Team


Japanese Dance


Mai Inagaki
Mai moved to Canada eight years ago. She is bilingual (Japanese and English). Mai is interested in becoming a traditional Japanese dance teacher. She would like to focus her teaching efforts on children. Currently, she teaches Japanese and has done so for the past three years. Mai's dance lessons will be offered on weekends. Space is limited. If you are interested in having your child participate in Mai's Japanese Dance Classes please contact us.
Luke Wang​​
Luke has had 22 years experience with the violin. He graduated from UBC and has been teaching since 2010. His calm, patient​, respectful nature are a few of aspects that make him an amazing​ teacher. He strives to instil a strong foundation and love of music in his students. Luke is able to provide lessons​ to children two days a week in the mornings. Please contact us if you would like more information, or to sign your child up. Space is limited

Luke Wang's facebook page
Ramin Chemideh​​C
Ramin Chemideh

Classes available September - June 


Facility Director

                I am Aaron Turner Father of 5.  I am committed to providing quality care to parents in the Surrey area. I was born and raised in Surrey and am driven to improve this community. I had a great deal of hardship finding childcare while my children were young, due to my shifts at work; rendering my wife to put her dreams and career on hold for years. My hope is that parents do not have to choose. A day of work is a day of work despite the time of day.  That is why at Goodwin Academy we are open extended hours unlike most care centres open 7 am - 7 pm weekdays and closed on all stat holidays, Pro D days, and noninstructional days.  At Goodwin, you choose when your child needs care. We cover the care.