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Understanding how we work
Using your login information book time for upcoming weeks via the button below. Your invitation to book time will be emailed to you once payment has been processed. You will have four days to complete your booking after receiving the email.
Seasaw is a log of the progress your child has made. You will be given a copy of the portfolio once your child graduates from Goodwin Academy. You are welcome to log on at anytime a view your child's work.
The administration button allows you to communicate with Goodwin Academy's owners anonymously. Any changes, concerns, or comments are welcome. 
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Complaints Filed with Fraser Health

This section has been created to list all complaint submitted to Fraser Health about Goodwin Academy. The aim of posting submitted complaints is to increase transparency and make the process of choosing a childcare provider easier for parents. 
Complaint 1: inspection Aug 3, 2018 
1.) Old rusty cargo van in parking lot.
2.) Exterior windows dirty.
3.) Daycare located in a bad area
1.) Children are not permitted to play in the parking lot. Although the van is unsightly there are no safety concerns  
       related to the van. Children walk in a marked path from the back door into the gated play area. Outside the
       playground is an additional aluminium fence that remains locked for the duration of outside playtime for children's 
       safety.  This prevents cars and unwanted people from entering while children are outside
2.)  Windows are washed bi-weekly. Due to weather and little handprints, some dirt can be seen from time to time on
       exterior windows. There is also some overspray from the recent renovations around the interior edges of the
        window that will be scraped off with a razor blade during the fall.
3.) Goodwin Academy was created to serve the surrounding community. We believe that every family deserves quaily
       childcare despite the socioeconomic demographics of the area. 
Complaint 2: inspection Jan 27, 2020 
1.) Inproper child to staff ratio
1.) An unscheduled investigation was conducted and claims were unsubstantiated.  

What Does It Look Like In Goodwin Academy


Goodwin Academy is located near a club open 8:00pm to 2:00am. 
Play Area one

 ​​Art And Science Area
 ​​​Reading Room 
 Play Area Two
Inside Play Area